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32 Must have skills

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Practice does not make perfect

If you practice the wrong technique you will get permanent with the wrong technique.

With this course you will be practicing the right technique from the start.

example skill

Feint movement - full rotation skills tutorial.

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top 4 mistakes

when learning new skills

  • Wrong technique

    Unlearning bad habits takes longer than learning a new technique.

    This course will teach you the right technique from the start.

  • Details

    When learning new skills we usually focus on the fundamentals and neglect the details.

    This course will help you to not miss any important detail.

  • selection of skills

    Making sure not to pick skills that won't work well under pressure is crucial.

    With this course you can be assured that I picked the skills that work best in a pro environment.

  • type of practice

    To create subconscious patterns in your brain it is important to practice conistantly.

    As a pro you don't actively think about which skill to use, it all happens subconsciously.

Skills Mastery Course

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Customer Reviews



"My daughter gained skill & confidence"


"professional but also personalised"

Youth Player

"I got more confident"


"The results speak for themselves"
Lachlan Bayliss

Professional Footballer

Lachlan Bayliss Jeets
"Massive improvement with my dribbling skills"


"Unique method of teaching skills"
James Bayliss

Professional Footballer

"Impressed with the attention to detail"


  • 32 skills that work in a pro enviroment
  • Ball skils, smooth movement, quick feet & feint movement exercises
  • Detailed video explanation
  • All future course updates
  • Lifetime access
  • One time payment
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frequently asked questions

  • is this a one time payment?

    YES. You will pay once and get LIFETIME access.

  • What skills level do I need to get started?

    This skills course works for beginners, advanced players & pro’s.
    As a beginner you will focus more on the fundamentals & then work your way to pro level skills with practicing.

    As a more advanced player or pro you will be able to take advantage of all the details we cover with each skill tutorial.

  • How much space do I need to practise?

    Minimum a 1.5x1.5m square or bigger.