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Statistics say that only about 1% of all football players in Engalnd make it into an academy & of those academy players 1% make it as a professional.

Joining the online academy will offer you the advantages that academy kids have on a daily basis.

Full sessions

Become a part of my coaching sessions.

Full voicover & real life tips & tricks.

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Challenge yourself with pro level sessions.

Pro ball skills
Pro mindset
Pro intensity & fitness

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Want to know where you are at with your skills & fitness?

Compare yourself to my skills execution
Compare yourself to my fitness statistics

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top 4 Things

you miss out

not being in a pro Academy

  • Challenge

    The coaches are trying to constantly challenge your weaknesses in regards to body & mind.

    Our pro online academy sessions make sure that you are constantly challenged & are pushing your limits like the 1%.

  • Compare

    In a pro academy you are constantly surrounded by the best players which leads to pushing each other to the next level.

    Our pro online academy provides a 1 to 1 comparison to my personal skills & fitness statistics which will push you to the next level.

  • Consistancy & Structure

    Academies have the whole year planned out and provide a structured learning environment to ensure progress is made.

    Our pro online academy provides detailed session layouts & is structured for fastest & best results.

  • accountability

    The coaches makes sure to evaluate you with progress reports & there is a constant pressure to lose the spot if the performance dropps too much.

    Through our pro online academy you will become a part of our community where we motivate & hold each other accountable.

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Customer Reviews



"My daughter gained skill & confidence"


"professional but also personalised"

Youth Player

"I got more confident"


"The results speak for themselves"
Lachlan Bayliss

Professional Footballer

Lachlan Bayliss Jeets
"Massive improvement with my dribbling skills"


"Unique method of teaching skills"
James Bayliss

Professional Footballer

"Impressed with the attention to detail"


  • Full sessions with voiceover
  • 1 to 1 skills & fitness comparison
  • PRO ball skills, mindset, fitness & intensity sessions
  • Community & support
  • All future academy updates
  • Discount & perks for other products
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I am here to help

frequently asked questions

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    YES. You can cancel anytime in the member’s dashboard & your membership won’t renew it’s next billing cycle.

  • What skills level do I need to get started?

    This skills course works for beginners, advanced players & pro’s.
    As a beginner you will focus more on the fundamentals & then work your way to pro level skills with practicing.

    As a more advanced player or pro you will be able to take advantage of all the details we cover with each skill tutorial.

  • Who is this online academy for?

    Players who are serious about football.

    Coaches who want to learn a different perspective on skills learning & teaching.

    Parents who want to be able to support their kids in their sessions.

  • Will my price be grandfathered in?

    As long as you stay subscribed you won’t pay more even if the price increases.