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What our clients say


What I have most enjoyed through training with Joe is his attention to detail on the skills and techniques he is showing us.
I have not trained with another trainer who has placed this much emphasis on every little touch and movement.


As a parent, I like the time and patience shown to the player.
Sessions are delivered with both a verbal explanation and in person demonstration so the player can actually see the skill or technique performed in front of them.
There is constant encouragement and correction throughout the session.

Joe leads by example and inspires the players through his words and his actions.
Joe is a mentor and role model and has inspired my child, the results speak for themselves as he moved from being graded a C grade player last season to an A grade player this season.


I like the attention to detail working on weaknesses in our game.
I feel like I’ve most improved my dribbling ability and 1vs1 skills.


Very impressed with Joe’s sessions.
Not only are they professional but also personalised for the ability/level of the player.
Joe really takes the time to get to know the players and works on both their strengths and weaknesses.
He is also incredibly patient in his teaching.
I also really appreciate the feedback that is given at the end of each session.


My 14-year old son has been training with Livingfootball for 4 years now.
Of all the coaches he has had at school (CCSC) plus SAP and then NPL clubs over the years, Joe is the one we feel has taught him the most.
Joe explains why he uses his unique method of learning skills in an age appropriate way, and his insistence on repetition of basics with both feet, and timed progression to more difficult skills, has helped my son become an accomplished player who looks comfortable on the ball in any area of the pitch.
We continue to use Livingfootball after such a long time because my son continues to improve through it.
We have recommended Joe to several friends.

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